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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Here you can see my Volkswagen Corrado G60 Air Ride suspension install build consisting of Accuair E-Level management, Airlift bag suspension struts, I-Level WiFi & Viair compressor. Images [74] are in chronological order.
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Air ride, bags, bagged. Whatever you want to call this suspension setup, it seemed that although Vw air ride had been around a short time in the UK, I really struggled to find any information specifically on Corrado Air ride. I couldn't find any details, pictures, tips and tricks at all. So perhaps this page will help those looking to fit air ride on their Corrado.

My reason for this suspension setup? Well it wasn't just for exterior. I'd just bought a new house and I couldn't get the Corrado on the driveway while running the FK Konigsport coilovers. And in a timely fashion, the coilovers decided to blow after only two years use! So it was decided that Air ride was the way to go.

My plan for the air ride suspension install was to firstly keep the use of the original spare wheel, and to keep as much boot space as possible while looking good. The boot build took some thinking and working out with templates and lots of cardboard!

I originally bought a long and skinny 5 gallon air ride tank, but I just couldn't get this to work out how I wanted. So a chubby 5 gallon tank was sourced instead, this gave me the room to fit, and also keeps the Viair compressor as happy as it would have been with the original tank.

The wiring of the Accuair E-level and I-Level along with the VU4 manifold were probably the easiest part of the build. And without doubt the hardest part was actually mounting the E-level height sensors, including running the air lines through the whole car and engine bay, total nightmare! The height sensors work on a pivot principle, but of course every car is different as far as the travel of the front and rear suspension. I did get there in the end though!

Once I'd got the boot build looking how I wanted, I made a start on the interior and mounting of the E-level touchpad controller. I made a custom mount to sit in the center console of the OEM Corrado dash. And of course it had to be matched with some VDO gauges which I love! The latest addition is a VDO Air pressure gauge which reads tank pressure. There's a digital tank pressure gauge in the boot too just for show really, and that is paired with digital Volt and temperature gauge. The latter of which keeps a check on the compressor temperature.

Air Ride Specification

  • 5 Gallon air ride tank
  • Accuair E-Level management
  • Accuair I-Level WiFi control
  • Accuair Power supply kit
  • Airlift front & rear struts
  • Custom brackets, install, wiring!
  • Dakota digital tank pressure gauge
  • Gold plated power & earth blocks
  • SMC 1/4 water trap
  • Toxic red neon lights
  • Volt & temp gauges
  • VDO Air tank pressure dashboard gauge
  • Viair 444c compressor

Last update: Thu, April 07. 2022

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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