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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Here you can see the Exterior Styling Mods & Spec of my Volkswagen Corrado G60. Detailing borbet a, borbet b, headlights, red tinted rear lights, single wiper, wheels & more. Images [142] are in chronological order. You can view the or ask a question by leaving a comment .

My Corrado was pretty much completely standard body wise when I bought it except for some Welsh flag number plates, and slightly tinted rear windows. It didn't stay standard for too long as you can see from the pictures.

I wish I'd never sold the Porsche design 90 wheels, they were 8jx16 all around, and looked great with the polished finish and black detailing, but I had a hankering for my favorite wheels of all time, Borbet A with black centers.

Speaking of Borbet A. After I hit something in the road and scratching one, I saw fit to have them refurbished, sadly 'The Wheel Specialist' at Manchester completely ruined them! As you can see in the pictures, the finish was unacceptable. In fact it was so bad that the center caps would no longer fit due to the amount of runs! I was told they could not complete the job. The wheels were blasted back to bare alloy again and that's how I had to take them away.

The Borbet B wheels were bought as a quick replacement, and although the Borbet A 9x16 were and still are one of my favorite wheels of all time, I've grown to like the Borbet B, also 9x16.

I modified the front bumper in a slightly different way from the norm, as I was fitting a different FMIC (Front mount intercooler) from the norm. I wanted to make it look the part, including looking subtle and unnoticeable while also being functional. It worked well with a definite improvement in warmer weather, but I've since grown to dislike the look and I'll probably go for the usual Rallye FMIC in the future. You can see more about the sierra cosworth FMIC on the engine page.

The air ride suspension courtesy of Accuair E-Level management, I-Level WiFi add on, and AirLift struts was fitted because I bought a new house and the Corrado would not have got up my driveway. This also tied in with the fact that my FK Konigsport coilovers decided to blow up! See more on the Air ride page.

Current Specification

  • Amber Tint Lamin-X indicators
  • Black windscreen sunstrip
  • Black side repeater indicators
  • Black tinted fog lights
  • Black tinted headlight reflectors
  • Borbet B 9x16 with flat and nut caps
  • Borbet A 9x16 (x2) in silver as spares
  • Custom orange driving lights fitted to indicators
  • Dewipered rear boot lid
  • FK Debadged (Badgeless) grill
  • Front bumper plate recess cut out
  • Front bumper plate recess black mesh
  • Front bumper with Mk1 Golf plate holder
  • German flag badges above side repeaters
  • Headlights fitted with Tinted Lamin-X
  • Pressed metal German flag number plates
  • Red painted brake calipers
  • Red tinted rear lights
  • Sebring winter wheels
  • Storm single wiper kit

Previous Specification

  • Amberlight Yellow painted fog lights
  • Amberlight Yellow painted headlights
  • Black painted front Vw badge
  • Black tinted indicators
  • Borbet A 9jx16 with gloss black painted centers
  • FK Konigsport coilover suspension
  • Front bumper recess fitted with reg plate mesh
  • Headlights fitted with Yellow Lamin-X
  • M3 style rear lights
  • Porsche design 90 wheels 8jx16
  • Porsche crested tyre valve caps
  • Registration plates with 'Supercharged Vw' decals

Last update: Tue, May 07. 2024

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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