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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Here you can see how many Volkswagen Corrado G60 left in the UK are taxed on the road, or SORNED and off the road. SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) fully came into use in year end 2007 as a way of recording and declaring that a car was not being used on UK roads.
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The number of Corrado G60 left in the UK [729] probably seems alarming at first, but when you consider that they were quite a rare car to begin with, then the fact that there aren't many left seems reasonable.

The Corrado was manufactured at Karmann coachworks in Osnabruck Germany from August 28th 1988 until early 1993. It was designed by Herbert Schafer who gave it a slight redesign in 1992 to accommodate the VR6 running gear. You can read more about the history of the Corrado.

In total only 10,155 Corrado's (All engine models) were sold in the UK, of which only 1,984 were supercharged G60 models. The G60 is now the second rarest mass produced model engine wise, with the most rare being the 8 valve which was manufactured in much lesser numbers than the G60.

Although truth be told there are a few much more rare Corrado models including the 16 valve G60, an engine used by Vw Motorsport and then placed into only two or three Corrados. At least one of which is known to be factory four wheel drive. And at least one of which wears a very love/hate factory bodykit. Read more about the Vw motorsport Corrado 16v G60.

Other rare models include the 'JET', a car only sold in the German market as a run out G60 model. The Corrado Magnum, an estate version of which only three were manufactured before the plug was pulled by Vw. And a cabriolet version, it's believed only two of these were ever made and one resides at Vw Germany.

Information does not include Northern Ireland until 2014 Q4. Statistics will be inaccurate in places due to changeovers of Tax/Sorn, Unlicensed vehicles and other discrepancies.


  • Number of Vw Corrado G60 Taxed - Current: 144
  • Number of Vw Corrado G60 Sorned - Current: 585
  • The point at which SORN came into use - 2007 Q4
  • The point of more SORN Corrado G60 than Taxed - 2011 Q4


  • How many (Total) Vw Corrado G60 are left - Current: 729

How many Corrado G60 Taxed/SORN by Manufacture Year.

This data is current as of 2021 Q2 and will be updated quarterly.
We have to assume that one of the Corrado G60 in the oddity category, must be F546DNV which was tested on Top Gear by Tiff Needell in 1988. I'd love to know where this early G60 resides. Please get in touch if you have information!

  • How many Vw Corrado G60 Taxed
  • How many Vw Corrado G60 Sorned



Vw Corrado G60 values

Here are current Volkswagen Corrado G60 values deciphered from average selling prices over the past 1 and 3 months. This information updates every time a Vw Corrado G60 sells through eBay UK.

  • Not enough data for 1 month period.
  • Not enough data for 3 month period.

Last update: Sun, April 28. 2024

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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