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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Here you can see the Interior Styling Mods & Spec of my Corrado G60. Detailing everything from dials to VDO gauges. Images [111] are in chronological order. You can view the or ask a question by leaving a comment .

First up on the Corrado interior was the addition of a Momo millenium steering wheel, pinched from the mk1 golf sportline I had at the time. Speaker upgrades came in the form of Alpine, JBL and Sony subwoofers mounted in the custom made parcel shelf. My trusty Sony stereo head unit and cd changer finished off the audio for a while.

The biggest modification was a full interior swap from grey to black, including the dashboard, seats (Late VR6 style), carpet, all plastic trim. The lot! This was a massive improvement for me, nicely finished off with a Vw horn push for the steering wheel.

Another common modification came in the form of changing all the dials and switches lighting to Red instead of the OEM green. But to add a little more of an OEM plus touch, I modified an Omex shift light kit and custom fitted it into the dials. The Omex has four LED lights which are individually adjustable. I made a custom LED gearknob by combining a cheap boy racer style one and a spare Corrado one, but after all my effort I noticed the threads in the Corrado knob were damaged, so I just went and bought a ready made one! I still enjoyed making the custom one though.

The digital Volt gauge was made by buying a Chinese gauge off ebay, and then modifying it to fit a Corrado dash blank, it still works superbly.

Current Specification

  • Alpine door speakers
  • Black interior (Full swap inc VR6 seats)
  • Custom built air ride boot install
  • Custom center console gauge panel
  • Custom center console lower gauge panel
  • Custom dash blank volt gauge
  • Indicator stalks swapped to late style
  • Innovate DB Red wideband gauge
  • JBL dashboard speakers
  • JBL rear side speakers
  • LED Gearknob and Red leather gaiter
  • Momo millenium steering wheel
  • Omex shift lights custom fitted in dials
  • Red back lit dials
  • Red back lit dashboard switches
  • Red painted dial needles
  • Twin (Plastic and foam) door water barriers
  • VDO vision air tank pressure gauge (150 psi)
  • VDO vision boost gauge (15 psi)
  • VDO vision vacuum gauge (-30 Hg)
  • VDO vision oil temperature gauge (120-300 F)
  • VDO vision oil pressure gauge (0-80 psi)
  • VDO vision volt gauge (8-16 volts)
  • VDO red LED bulbs
  • VDO sump plug oil temp sender
  • Vw horn push on Momo steering wheel

Previous Specification

  • Custom made LED gearknob
  • Custom subwoofer parcel shelf
  • Duostyle Air Fuel Gauge (AFR)
  • Grey interior (Full OEM)
  • Richbrook alloy gearknob
  • Sony stereo head unit
  • VDO Cockpit boost & vacuum gauge
  • VDO Cockpit oil temperature gauge
  • VDO Cockpit oil pressure gauge
  • VDO Cockpit volt gauge

Last update: Fri, April 10. 2020

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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