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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Factory Vw option codes are up to four digits long, and relate to a specification item that was fitted to the car as standard, as an option requested by a customer, or as a paint code. (Four characters).

You can find your option code sticker on the rear panel of your Corrado, within the boot. The option codes are located at the bottom under the heading: M. - AUSST./OPTIONS. You can ask a question by leaving a comment .

Simply enter an Option Code (Two to four characters long) & click Decode to see what the Volkswagen factory option code of your Corrado means.
Colour, Interior & Wheel codes are also decoded. The decoder is specific to the Corrado G60.

Example code: LK8Z

If your Corrado G60 has a code which is not shown in the decoder, please post it in the comments below.
There are currently 142 codes listed.

Option Code info will be shown here...

Last update: Mon, February 12. 2024

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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