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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

Here you can see the Engine Tuning Mods & Spec of my Volkswagen Corrado G60. Detailing boost return, chip, exhaust, injectors, intercooler, pulley, supercharger, throttle body & more. Images [117] are in chronological order and may show changes over the years. You can view the or ask a question by leaving a comment .

The engine of my Corrado was near standard when I bought it except for a superchips ECU chip, a slightly smaller pulley and a jabbasport chopped supercharger belt tensioner. It didn't stay like this for long as you can see from the pictures.

One of the first modifications which is popular on the Volkswagen G60 engine, was to remove the boost return pipework from the G-Lader supercharger and intake system. This stops dirty, warm air being fed back into the supercharger, the reason for this OEM setup is to recirculate emissions.
It is falsely believed that when doing this modification, you need to spray PTFE into your supercharger. Please don't believe this rubbish, there is absolutely no need. I then decided to port, polish and shape the throttle body. I'd never seen this done before, so thought I'd give it a shot. This improved responsiveness.

The next major upgrade came in the form of a PSD ported, polished G-Lader. A smaller 68mm pulley and an SNS stage 5 antilag ECU chip. These gave a great improvement in power and torque! And you can see this via the rolling road power graph image below.

When it came to upgrading the intercooler, obviously it needed to be front mount (FMIC) but I wanted to try something different, so a sierra cosworth 4x4 intercooler was integrated into a front bumper cutout. See more on the Exterior page. After a cylinder head and injector rebuild I had the Corrado rolling roaded, and you can see that the supercharger, chip, pulley and intercooler gave a great improvement in power and torque!

Since the rolling road session I've added a few more of the usual G60 performance parts and modifications. BBM RSR supercharger outlet, New Red top injectors, Porsche 3.5bar fuel pressure regulator (FPR), a Magnex exhaust system and a home made twin cone induction kit!

Current Specification

  • 65mm supercharger pulley
  • All new genuine fuel lines
  • Anodised custom C.O pot tube
  • Audi TT wideband lambda probe
  • BBM supercharger outlet
  • Boost return delete
  • Carbon can removed
  • Custom cold air feed
  • Custom twin cone red inlet kit (Paper elements)
  • Innovate LC1 wideband kit feeding ECU
  • Magnex exhaust system with decat pipe
  • Outside temp sensor relocated to cold air feed
  • Porsche 3.5bar Fuel Pressure Regulator (0280160263)
  • Ported, polished and dewedged throttle body
  • PSD Ported and polished G-Lader supercharger
  • Quick release battery terminals and power block
  • Red 8mm Silicone HT Leads
  • Red Top Injectors (Ford Motorsport 0280150945)
  • Short shift kit. 5 inch to 3.5 inch reduction
  • Sierra cosworth intercooler
  • SNS stage 5 antilag ECU chip
  • Spal 9inch radiator fans (x2)
  • Various silicone hoses
  • Vauxhall washer jets as intercooler sprays (Rear wiper)

Previous Specification

  • 72mm supercharger pulley
  • 68mm supercharger pulley
  • Air box snorkel removed
  • Custom twin inlet kit (Silver)
  • Duostyle air/fuel ratio gauge
  • Jabbasport stage 2 G-Lader supercharger
  • Outside temp sensor relocated to air box
  • RSR supercharger outlet
  • Standard exhaust system with cat
  • Standard G-Lader supercharger
  • Superchips ECU chip

Last update: Fri, April 10. 2020

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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