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This tip will show you how to remove a stuck rear ABS sensor on your Corrado G60. If you have any questions you can leave a comment .

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It's quite common for ABS sensors to become stuck in the hub of the Corrado, mainly due to age and with the aid of road traffic film and electrolytic corrosion (Between two different metals).

Once you have your rear hubs accessible after having removed the brake caliper and brake disc, this is a small tip to remove those stuck sensors.

NOTE: Always ensure your Corrado is securely placed on axle stands, with added protection from wheels or similar placed under the floor.
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Tools and parts required

Tools required

  • 14mm Socket
  • Hammer

Parts required

  • ABS Sensor (Rear)
  • Copper grease
  • Emory paper and/or small finger file

Removing stuck rear ABS sensor

  • Once your rear hub is accessible you can get an idea of whether or not your old ABS sensor is stuck. This guide does not cover making the hub accessible, that may come later.
  • To remove the stuck ABS sensor, simply place a long 14mm socket over the head of the sensor.
  • Holding the socket in place, give it a large swift hit with the hammer and see if there's any movement. If not, simply repeat the process until removed.
  • Once the old ABS sensor is removed, the hole from which it came must be cleaned up back to bare metal.
  • Using emory paper or a small round finger file, clean back the hole until a shiny, clean and smooth surface is visible. Loosely try the new sensor in place but do not push it all the way in at this point.
  • If the sensor feels like it will go in without too much effort, add a thin layer of copper grease around the surface of the hole.
  • Fit new ABS sensor.
  • ABS Sensor stuck in hub Socket placed over ABS Sensor ABS Sensor removed

Last update: Mon, April 04. 2022
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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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