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This tip will show you how to test for battery drain on your Corrado G60 without using a multimeter. If you have any questions you can leave a comment .

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If your Corrado is not holding battery power, or it drains its battery when idle you may have a contant drain. It's common for older alarm systems, faulty headlight switches, glovebox lights and more to cause a drain on your battery.
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Tools and parts required

Tools required

  • Two 10mm Spanners

Parts required

  • Indicator bulb or similar with single bottom pin
  • Insulation tape or soldering eqipment
  • Two bits of wire ideally 5" plus each

Testing for battery drain

  • Turn off all accessories in your Corrado, basically leaving it as you would when parked.
  • Remove the earth lead from your battery using the 10mm spanners.
  • Acquire an old indicator bulb and attach your wires (By means of taping or soldering) to each terminal of the bulb.
  • Tape one wire from the bulb onto the earth lead you removed from the battery.
  • Tape the second wire from the bulb onto the earth post of the battery.
  • The bulb will now more than likely light up very dimly. For the most part this is normal. A very slight drain is typical in our cars. But you can now pull out fuses one by one to determine on which circuit you may have a problem. Highly likely if your bulb is lighting up more than Corrado headlights do!
  • Battery drain test Corrado fuse relay box

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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