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If you do not have any history of your Crank bolt being changed then you should physically check it or change it to prevent possible engine damage.
The original 12 point (Star) G60 Crank Bolt (N90320802) is a stretch bolt which can fail through fatigue or being reused. Original torque setting of 80Nm + 1/2 turn (Oiled).

You can replace the crank bolt with one from a Mk1 Golf GTI (DX engine code). This is a 6 sided bolt (VN0401064) OR (N0401064) and you must also use the appropriate washer (068105193A) and thread lock. Tightened to 59 lb/ft / 80 Nm.

Update: After some revision at Vw, a genuine Corrado replacement for the original stretch bolt was introduced, so you can ask them about this. It's still a 12 point (Star) bolt but 10.9 grade. You can replace your original with this, or if you struggle to find it, the Mk1 golf route is still an option.

The potential damage is that the original crank bolt can snap meaning that possible piston/valve contact can occur and in turn making a heck of a mess.

Important: If you can physically see your bottom pully wobbling with the engine running, or even if you have issues with your ignition timing jumping around, then it's a probable sign that your crank bolt is fatigued and ready to snap.

If you know of a good, local engineering firm, you can also 'pin' your crank and crank pully and this will help stop any movement which can fatigue the bolt.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment .

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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