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This guide will show you how to adjust the idle speed and CO pot on your Corrado G60. If you have any questions you can leave a comment .

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The adjustment of the idle and C.O on the Corrado G60 should both be carried out together. There is often confusion about the procedure to adjust the CO pot alone and problems occur most often due to varying incorrect information around the net.

Setting your idle is done via an air speed screw located at the rear of your throttle body, this idle screw can in some cases be missing all together which causes tickover issues at the very least. The C.O pot or mixture adjustment is made via the air intake temperature sensor which actually incorporates the C.O potentiometer. The C.O pot is located in the boost return tube and may have a light blue cap over the adjustment screw.

NOTE: The C.O adjustment is only set to give a basic or base setting for idle and part throttle. Full emissions control is taken care of by the lambda probe, ECU map and blue temperature sender in correlation with each other along with other parameters such as full throttle, engine speed etc not covered here.
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Tools and parts required

Tools required

  • 7mm spanner or chubby screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Suitable method to block engine breather

Parts required

  • Exhaust gas analyzer (Optional)

Adjusting the Idle & C.O

  • Connect gas analyzer to C.O tap tube to top left of inlet manifold, which is blocked off with a large blue rubber cap.
  • Warm up the engine. (At least 80c oil temp on MFA) and let the radiator fan run at least once.
  • Turn off any electrical consumers (headlamps, ICE etc).
  • Disconnect the engine breather hose which runs from the rocker cover to the plastic boost return pipe, and allow it to sit so that fresh air is drawn in (No obstruction).
  • Unplug the connector from the blue temperature sender in the top radiator hose (Front of cylinder head).
  • Blue temperature sender (BTS)
  • Rev the engine cleanly, 3 TIMES over 3000 rpm and allow to tick over.
  • Idle speed should be 800rpm +/-50. C.O should be 0.7% +/-0.4%. If not then continue below.
  • With either a 7mm spanner or chubby flat screwdriver, adjust the idle by turning the air speed screw on the throttle body until roughly 800 rpm is reached.
  • Throttle body idle air screw
  • Using a flat screwdriver adjust the C.O pot until roughly 0.7% C.O content is reached.
  • G60 C.O pot
  • Re-connect blue temperature sender (BTS) plug.
  • Rev the engine cleanly, 3 TIMES over 3000 rpm and allow to tick over for a minute.
  • Re-check readings.
  • If readings are not obtained, repeat steps above from the point of unplugging the BTS.
  • If readings are obtained, re-connect the breather hose from the rocker cover.

Last update: Mon, April 04. 2022
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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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