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The Vw Motorsport Corrado 16V G60.
Little is known about these rare Corrado models. There have been various postings around the net over many years, but nothing 'concrete' about the birth of the Corrado 16V G60.

Was there even an official model name? They have often been referred to as 'Limited', which is of course a synonymous badge of the Volkswagen Golf Mk2 G60 limited (Also 16V G60). But this yellow Corrado is possibly one of only two manufactured, and manufactured by who? When? Why?

Volkswagen Motorsport has often been named as the sole developer as they were the department responsible for the 16 valve G60 engine, but no solid evidence has been brought forward that we know of. There are supposedly two of these rare Corrados, apparently both Nugget Yellow - LK1B in colour.

The yellow one pictured here is, from what we can gather front wheel drive, and the second one, is possibly fitted with the factory Syncro four wheel drive (4WD) system, but without the extravagant body kit seen here.

If you own one of these rare Volkswagens, or have further details, please do let us know via the comments, or if you prefer, you can contact me on Twitter or Discord

Corrado 16V G60 Details - AD AJ 625

  • Manufactured: 1988? (Unconfirmed)
  • Developed by Vw Motorsport? 1992 (Unconfirmed)
  • Engine: 16 Valve G60
  • Wheels: Aftermarket

There's obviously a lot we don't know about these cars, but there are some common and recurring bits of information, some adds up and some doesn't. Take for example this VwPowered.com screen grab [A] from October 24th 2001 VS this one of FaltDach.net [B] dated June 2nd 2007.

It seems that nobody quite knows when they were built, which one has the 4WD Syncro system, and whether or not the 'other' one had the same bodykit. One thing we can be sure of is that the one pictured here does seem to have the 16V G60 engine, and the bodykit certainly isn't from one of the well known manufacturers such as Rieger.

Looking at this Engine bay picture , you can clearly see that the front wings/fenders have been extended forward. Just look at where the front slam panel is compared to your average Corrado, large gap in front of it! It's like the whole front of the car has been brought forward. Then looking further, you can see an early style standard Bonnet/hood, which has also been extended.

Something we can decipher is that sadly, this particular car was involved in a minor incident around 2000-2002 where it ended up in a ditch. Gladly it seems nobody was hurt and the Corrado did apparently get rebuilt as per references such as this post [C] where it ended up on ebay 23rd March 2009. See the last two pictures above where we can only guess that this is the car after rebuild, it looks to have black wheels and new M3 style mirrors...So does it live on? Where is it now? Who was the previous owner? Who is the current owner?

Whether Volkswagen Motorsport built these or not, they are an intriguing insight into the fun that the Volkswagen head honchos must have had when developing the likes of the Scirocco Turbo, Six cylinder Corrado and Mk2 Golf prototypes, and the Limited 4WD Golf and Rallye. So what else do we know about the so called Corrado Limited? Well we know that at least one of these rare Volkswagen Corrados exists, maybe two, or maybe even more...

[A] 5th July 2022 - Re-added VwPowered.com screen shot.
[B] 5th July 2022 - Re-added FaltDach.net screen shot.
[C] 5th July 2022 - Re-added Corrado Database for sale post screen shot.

Here is an image which has surfaced on the net some time ago. Another Volkswagen Motorsport Corrado perhaps? This time in Silver, and with what looks like a set of 16" wheels. Again, if you have any information, or you have owned/currently own one of these cars, please do let us know!

Last update: Tue, July 05. 2022

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I'm selling the Corrado, please see my FaceCrook post.

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